Nursing Home Initiatives

Nursing Home

The Turn-A-Frown-Around Foundation’s Nursing Home Initiative aims to alleviate loneliness during old age for those residing in local nursing homes. While nursing homes provide activities and a sense of community to residents, many residents do not receive regular visits. Most nursing homes gladly welcome visits from groups such as high school students, community service clubs, etc. What TAFA provides its volunteers is the opportunity to build unique, one-on-one friendships with nursing home residents. The initiative’s ultimate goal is to fill these residents with hope and make them feel special.

Like in any Smile Station, both the Forever Friend and the individual being visited benefit greatly. Residents have a friend to talk to and share stories with, all the while passing time in a meaningful way. Forever Friends have the opportunity to learn from the wisest generation in our society and to make a wonderful impact on those in the later years of their life.

ed johns

Alpha, NJ and vice president of TAFA motivated some of his friends from the United Presbyterian Church and other locals in gathering together to become the first Smile Station in Warren County by being Forever Friends for the lonely and forgotten in nursing homes. Johns performed his own search and rescue and discovered that twelve of the residents at Brakely Park Center had neither family nor friends.

Shortly after becoming affiliated with TAFA, Angel Ed became the Coordinator of the National Nursing Home Initiative. With his help, we'll abolish loneliness in every nursing home across the nation!