Laughter saved Drew Horn's life. After three failed businesses, two failed marriages – and two failed suicide attempts – Drew’s ultimate life goal is to bring laughter as salvation to others.

about us

After promising his daughter that he would never attempt suicide again, Drew began to pursue comedy, giving him reason to wake up each morning. A self-proclaimed "motivational, inspirational comic and clown," Drew eventually realized he wanted to do more than just entertain. He wanted to teach others about "his people" – individuals isolated as result of their disabilities or by being institutionalized. The Turn-A-Frown-Around Foundation, Inc. (TAFA) was founded in 2001 by Drew and Dr. Gregory Ervin, a pharmacologist with a PhD in neurobiology. Both men have a passion to empower people with mental and physical disabilities, to help these individuals realize they can take charge of their lives.

"So much of what is involved is simply love," says Gregory. "People with severe problems are unable to love themselves...and people around them are unable to love them enough. Our vision is this can change. We can help bring the love and promote healing."

As support for our mission has grown, we have met hundreds of wonderful people over the years that have joined us on our journey. Some have come out to hospitals and other institutions to visit the disabled; others have made phone calls, kept books, managed money, donated cars, and introduced us to more wonderful people. With all of the support, the Turn-A-Frown-Around Foundation is grateful to those who are “Ending loneliness, one Forever Friendship at a time”.